Au Schwarz

gloves + pictures of the completed suit

in addition to these, I was also responsible for the first drape of the corset + pants before my partner and I decided to split up the work by unitard vs coverup to be more effective with time, and the ‘spine’ portion + peplum treatments on the corset visible in the previous photoset

 the gloves were made by attaching fake ‘marquisette’ (that’s what the lady at the fabric store labeled it but my teacher was vehemently against calling it that but I’m not sure what to call it otherwise :’D)  gauntlets to premade gloves as a base and the finished version of the suit had 31 pattern pieces ( not including the ‘facets appliquéd onto the chest, back and arms), literally hundreds of handplaced swarovski crystals and cost me about a semester worth of sleep.

The spine of the corset (which my partner and I worked on equally) was made out of red leather over stiff boning and elastic string and the peplum was made by layering horse hair braid, lighting gels and leather scraps.  

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